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Blowing in the Wind
222 Causeway Drive
Wilmington, NC28480

Welcome to Blowing in the Wind Online!

We are excited to be serving all your kite flying and kiteboarding needs and addictions. Basic easy to fly kites for kids and adults, beginner stunt kites, high performance sport kites, large show kites, power kites, and of course kite boarding products, Blowing in the Wind has what you need.On top of all the kites and kiteboarding products we also carry large selections of windsocks, flags, decorative flags, wind chimes, jig saw puzzles, unique toys, and lots of garden spinners.

We are a full service kite shop that offers YOU the best service possible. If you are looking for something and you do not see it here, please email us or call us TOLL FREE. We may have it in the shop but if not we will make our best effort to get it quickly and at the best deal we can. When browsing the site, there are 3 basic parts.
This is the home page which has some basic, general, info about the shop.
Then there is the kiteboarding section which has tons of info on kiteboarding as well as all the gear you need.
The third section is the kite shop. This is where you will find lots of kite information, our large selection of kites, and all the other fun products we sell.

We hope you enjoy and please give us any feed back. Your input is what matters to us! Fly Hard

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